We will be holding another IELTS Mock Exam on Sunday 3rd July for our IELTS clients.  It seems as though we may have a house full of clients this week and may need to buy more chairs to accommodate them all.  We are not complaining though because we have seen some remarkable progress in lots of people since they started coming to our IELTS review classes.  It is so satisfying to see people improve their English language skills in such a short space of time – only 4 weeks.

One girl who took her IELTS exam in May this year and only managed to get a 6 in listening and Reading is now getting 8’s in both elements –  we are so pleased for her.  Her speaking has also improved considerably and we feel that she will be successful when she takes her IELTS exam in a couple of weeks time.

She is not the only client who has improved – all of them are doing much better than they had expected.  Maybe it is because of the small classes we have – only 5 or 6 to a class – so they get almost individual tuition.  They have become like a family to us

We are receiving clients from more Recruitment Agencies now as well and if this trend continues we may have to move offices to larger premises – in the existing building.  We will also have to employ more IELTS staff so that we can run each element of the IELTS programme simultaneously.

One of our clients who recently failed her  IELTS Life Skills test took her second test last week and has just received her pass certificate.  She only came to us for about a week, but we gave her listening homework every evening and it paid off.  She was so happy and has even visited our office since then to bring some food which she cooked herself.  Her British husband is coming to the Philippines this weekend so we are hoping that he will ask us to do her Settlement Visa application as well.

All in all it has been a good first month and we are looking forward to many more months like this in the future.

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