IELTS Mock Exams in Manila 27 and 28 August

This last weekend has been very busy indeed.  We did IELTS mock exams for 18 candidates on Saturday and then another one on Sunday for 16 people.  It should have been 26 on Sunday but some of the candidates did not arrive.  It was probably just as well that some of them did not come – because our existing office would not have accommodated them all.  Today is a holiday in the Philippines and we have a full class again today.

We really need bigger premises and have been looking at larger office in our existing building which is twice as large as our present office.  It has the potential to be divided up into 4 classrooms so that we can run 4 classes (Reading, Speaking, Listening and Writing) simultaneously.  The room dividers will need to be the kind which can be folded back to create one large room – especially when we are conducting mock exams.  The good thing about these new office is that it has a large window at one end so we will have some natural light in the office for a change.  It will be more expensive than our existing office but the extra costs should be worth it in the long run.  We will be able to take more clients than we can at the moment.

We will write more again once we have made a final decision about the new office.



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