We feel that smaller groups will benefit far more than if they were in a crowded room with lots of other people listening to a presentation or watching some visual presentation on a screen

We expect to be able to start the IELTS reviews around the beginning to middle of May.  The Tutors will all be native English speakers who have University Degrees and have taught/examined English for a number of years.  They will focus on English Speaking, Writing, Reading and Listening, and give you valuable tips on how to prepare and pass the examination

Different kinds of packages will be available – depending on the candidates present level of English language ability.  If someone is well below their desired IELTS score then they will need a longer course than someone who is only slightly below their required lELTS

It takes approximately 6 months to move up half a band in IELTS – so, for example, if you are level 5 and you need to be at level 7 you need well over a year of tuition plus continued private study before you will reach your desired level.  If on the other hand you are only say half a band out on some of the 4 categories – then you should be able to achieve this within a relatively short period of time – especially as you will be given expert guidance from our team of Native Speaking English instructors.

                    For further information on the IELTS review times and dates in our office please keep checking our website.  We will shortly be posting dates and times of the various seminars and will also be listing the various packages which we will have on offer – from long term packages to short term packages and even sessions Pre-exam .