New Office Premises in Strata 100

It is quite a while since I last had the time to write anything on our blog. But as you can see from the title of this blog – we moved offices about a month ago to a larger office in the same building as our old office – Strata 100. We are now in our new office premises on the 9th floor of the building instead of the 20th floor.
We had simply outgrown our old office, it was no longer big enough any more for the number of candidates we were receiving each day, sometimes as many as 34 people. So we started searching for something bigger. Finally in late September, after looking at a number of offices both within this building and in other buildings near by, we decided to move to our present office. Our new office is twice as big as our old office and is split into two separate offices – but has just one entrance to the office suite. It is good in so much that we can now conduct separate classes on different elements of the IELTS review simultaneously.
The new office still needs a little bit of tweeking – we want to have some partitions built to create small classrooms so that we can run all 4 elements of the IELTS test at the same time. We are also looking to have smaller numbers in each class – probably about 6 people in each class. So that will be 24 people all studying at the same time. Once they have completed one two hour session on one element they can then move to another class and do another 2 hour session on a different element, and so on throughout the day. We hope that this will enable us to provide a more intimate service for our clients and help them to improve their IELTS scores much quicker.
We have also conducting assessment classes so that we can assess a potential client before we accept them on our intensive review course. Last week Hanna and I flew down to Cebu to conduct an assessment session with a group of Nurses from an Agency here in the Philippines. We also conducted another assessment session last Monday and another one today (Sunday) also for the same agent. We hope that the Nurses who passed the assessment will be joining our classes in the not too distant future.

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