The main categories of persons who are eligible to enter the United Kingdom on an individual basis are contained in the Immigration Rules, HC395, as amended.

We have considerable experience and expertise across the whole range of Immigration categories including those not specifically covered in the Immigration Rules.

There are a number of Immigration categories where discretion may be used outside of the Immigration Rules. Using our background we can advise you as to whether you may fall into one of these categories.

We strongly recommend that you contact us to discuss you situation. Remember – we will assess your application at the outset and will inform you of the likelihood of success and agree a fee structure with you before progressing.

If after consultation we believe that you have a realistic chance of success and you wish to engage us to act on your behalf, we will ensure that your application is presented in the most professional and comprehensive way.


The UK government permits foreign nationals to enter the United Kingdom for employment without work permits in some instances but these categories are under review at the moment and may change in the future;

As a representative of an overseas newspaper, news agency or broadcasting organisation.

As a Sole Representative of a company

As a Overseas domestic worker in a private (non-diplomatic) household

Entertainers coming for a specific event

Film Crews on location

Overseas qualified Doctors sitting PLAB tests

Clinical attachment & Dental observers

Foreign nationals cannot enter the UK in the category of Permit Free employment unless they have an entry clearance for this purpose,

If you are a prospective employer or employee we are able to provide the best advice as to whether an application for permit free employment is likely to succeed. We strongly recommend that you contact us to discuss your situation.


We can also arrange training programmes for International Companies and Organisations in Oxford, the world renowned University City in the United Kingdom. Programmes are arranged and priced to a company’s/organisation’s specific requirements.
Many of the programmes take place in the University itself either in one of the Colleges or in the Oxford Union Society Building.
The course tutors have over 20 years experience of working with international clients on various training programmes.
Some of Oxford’s leading trainers run the courses in many different spheres of Business, Industry and Government.​​


We accept only cases which we think have a realistic chance of success. After an No-Win-No-Fee-1initial assessment we will agree on a fee structure applicable to your application.
We reserve the right to charge for time spent facilitating appointments to assess or discuss circumstances beyond the scope of an initial assessment.
Certain categories of service have fixed fees and we work on a ‘No Win No Fee’ basis.
After an initial assessment, we will (upon request), provide you with an estimate of the likely total cost of processing your application and will agree an arrangement and method of payment for the completion.
We accept payment by either Cash, Bankers Cheque or Bank Transfer.


We also assist clients to obtain visas for other countries
besides the United Kingdom.
The list of countries include all of the European Countries, America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and China.