Star Pupil

We were absolutely delighted yesterday when one of our Star Pupils got the result of her IELTS test from the British Council.

She had previously taken the test and had achieved an overall score of 6.5 – which was not high enough for her to accept the offer she had been given by  UK hospital to go and work in the UK.  So she decided to give our company a try to see if she could improve her score to band 7.  This is the level of English which is required by the Nursing & Midwifery Council in the UK for any overseas Nurses who are applying to work as Nurses in the United Kingdom.

Miss J, as we will call her, started coming to our classes at the beginning of June this year and we soon realized that she was a very intelligent girl who had the potential to do very well on our ‘As and When’ course.  She lived a long way away from Manila but her dedication to her studies was outstanding.  She was getting up in the morning at 3am to catch various forms of transport (Tricycles, Jeepneys and Buses) in order for her to get to our office by about 8.30 or 9am.  The classes she attended usually finished around 3pm and then she had a 4 hour journey home.  But she was always one of the first to arrive the next day.

The problems she had had with her first IELTS test was Speaking and Writing – where she got 6.5 and 6 respectively.  So we concentrated more on these elements of the IELTS test but did not ignore the Listening and Reading.

Miss J came to our classes for a total of 8 days altogether.  She had already applied for and been given a test date by the British Council so we were working to a deadline.  She took the IELTS test on 25 June and received her results yesterday.  She had improved her previous score by 1 whole band and achieved an overall pass rate of 7.5. Something which is normally considered to take 6 months or more to achieve.

We were absolutely delighted for her.   Her dedication and determination  had paid off. She will now be able to achieve her ambition of working at a hospital in the UK.  Well Done Miss J and good luck in your future career.  We wish you well and hope you keep in touch with us.


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